Prominent Funding puts the needs of our investors first. There are multiple ways to invest with us.
  • Grow your wealth by becoming an equity partner to invest in a hybrid of non-performing and performing notes.
    1. Interested investors will provide capital for asset purchase and reserves that cover due diligence, servicing, legal fees, borrower bankruptcy, foreclosure, and other operating expenses.
    2. Each investment vehicle will operate under a separate partnership agreement specific to the investment needs and the desires of the partners.
  • Supplement your monthly income with cash flow from a performing note.
    1. Prominent Funding acquires the note.
    2. You purchase a part of the note.
    3. Prominent Funding records the mortgage transfer with the county.
    4. You receive monthly income from note payments at a pre-determined interest rate until the principle is paid off.
    5. Prominent Funding is with you every step of the way.
Either of these strategies can be funded from a tax-advantaged account like a self-directed IRA.
Send us a message or call Jesus at 916-549-3229 to setup an appointment and discuss your options in detail.